How it all began

We are an affiliation of two students, Mark and Laszlo, studying engineering and physics respectively, and sharing a lot of hobbies. It all began in our childhoods when we fell compelled to take apart every device in our households to understand its inner workings. However, it was only in the summer of 2013, when we came across a high-end Epson projector with the famous red stripes problem and successfully repaired it, that we finally made this site. Before repairing the projector, we did some research and noticed the problem of the coloured stripes is a surprisingly frequent one. It was also astonishing, how many of the concerned devices end up in the trash or in some basement. This is mostly due to the insanely high cost for the repair at Epson service. This combined with the fact that the Epson repair service usually replaces the entire optical engine is hardly justifiyble, particularly from an ecological point of view. That is why I (Mark) decided to propose my repair services on several online platforms. In spite of the difficulty to entrust your beloved projector to an anonymous poster on the internet, this was a huge success, which led us to create this site. At this point we want to express our warm gratitude to all our previous customers for their trust and their support.


Today, we offer a large choice of (repair) services all for your electronic devices, with special focus on projectors. We are particularly proud for our ability to repair defects related to the internal polarizers. Only few companies offer this service, and even less underneath several hundred Euros. But of course we cannot fix everything or procure all the necessary spare parts. That is why we offer you a full refund on any repair we are unable to complete successfully, regardless of the time we spent on it. We also offer you a free replacement if a lamp you ordered from us fails its function within the first 100 hours of normal use.

Lamps and spare parts

Most of the big manufacturers have outsourced their production to China. We purchase our lamps and spare parts directly from the factories which also produce for the manufacturers. We also order the bulbs only without the corresponding casing. That is how we can offer our services for such low prices. Depending on the legal situation the factories are not allowed to sell the lamps under tha label "original". However, these lamps are in no way inferior to the original ones, neither in matters of brightness, nor of colour, nor in matters of their life span.

You can find our lamps in the Shop. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Beware If we do not have your model in stock, the shipping of the lamps takes 2-3 weeks.

We take our spare parts from otherwise irreparable devices where we can mostly for ecological reasons. Otherwise, we order them new.

Important notice for clients from Germany

Currently, we have a standpoint in Zuerich, as wenn as in Vienna. We do not have infrastructure in Germany. However, I (Mark) have relative there who comes for a visit to Switzerland on a daily basis. That is how we can extend our services to Germany all the while avoiding horrendous shipping and customs costs. However, this can lead to longer waiting periods.

Payment and processing

As for the processing, a pickup in person is always ideal. If that is logistically impossible, we kindly as for a payment in advance. We accept payments in cash, bank transfer and paypal. For the latter, no account is necessary if you have a credit card.